Compare the Candidates

Current Councilor David Wheeler has a history of supporting extreme conservative causes, ignoring facts, and working against Southern New Hampshire residents.

Former Councilor Debora Pignatelli has a history of working for residents, digging into the details, and supporting open, thoughtful, and deliberative government.

Debora PignatelliDavid Wheeler

Longtime commuter rail supporter

Stopped the Nashua Tollbooths

Brought the DMV to Exit 6

"Timely...immediate" responses to constituents
–Hollis Brookline Journal

Impressive track record
–Keene Sentinel

Bipartisan problem solver
–Merrimack Journal

Saved state a great deal of money
–Milford Cabinet

Planned Parenthood supporter

"Exceptional leadership"
–Local River Advisory Committee

"A champion of competitive bidding"
–Nashua Telegraph

Favors Public Hearings on all agency and judicial nominees

"Always working to help people - especially children"
–Republican Legislator

"Ethically challenged"
-Nashua Telegraph

"Where’s Wheeler?...MIA"
–Nashua Telegraph

"The rudest individual I have ever dealt with in my career"
–Salem Police Chief

Deciding vote that KILLED RAIL

"Terrible business sense"
–Greater Nashua Chamber of Commerce

Favors concealed weapons for teens

Strong opponent of Planned Parenthood

Spread toxic sludge in his own residential neighborhood, close to the Souhegan River
–Souhegan Watershed Association

Supported unqualified friends and contributors as Judges

"Apologizer for abusers"
–Concord Monitor