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Debora at a house party in Nashua

I'm running! Thank you very much for your vote and your help!

I am a long-time Nashua resident who has served as a State Representative, as a State Senator, and as a ten-year Executive Councilor.

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The Executive Council

The Executive Council is an important part of New Hampshire government. The Council approves all state contracts exceeding $10,000, approves all nominees of judges and state agency commissioners, plays a significant role in our highway system, and performs important constituent services for towns, cities, and citizens in their dealings with the State.

I have strong disagreements with my opponent about the role and functioning of state government. My opponent blocks important initiatives and supports ill-advised initiatives. He is a far-right ideologue and I am a pragmatic problem-solving moderate.

The Campaign

The election is November 3. I need your help!

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Thanks so much for your support. Please contact me to let me know how you can help.